As the sun stretches up from beyond the East

my eyes open wide to face the beast.

Economic engine sucking my soul

striving for a dollar as I smoke a bowl.

Apathetic faces all giving me pain

shards of broken dreams I don’t think I’m still sane.

Can I surface to the top and catch my breath,

or am I sinking too fast, lured by death?

Stuck in this storm, to the sky I’ve sworn

drinking, smoking, sleeping there’s no time to mourn.

Slivers of light, seeping in through the night

my mind is so numb, raging instincts to fight.

But to spar with a star, will I even get far?

I’m bucking in this flurry to give this planet a scar

Drive with me now, so swift through the rift

reaching out with my hand, grains of time I can sift.

A sparkle of gold catches my eye,

before I get old, a promise to die.



Feasting slaughter, the winds trample past the daughter as the water flows and grows under the valley of the sun, whispering naked truth like a carnival kissing booth.

Bounce from hindustan just to escape the spinning fan, the dust freckling like scattered peaches fallen from the orchids in nooning summer blooming past the moon, the gloom fading from fabric as the static rattles the waves, getting lost in the maze as we ride our craze and lengthen our days.

Skipping over the horizon the calls ring like verizon, satchel the air in your hair as you race across the ponds without an earthly care. The hum fills the room like a pirate pulls the rum from the decks below with a barbaric bellow.

The squids flounder over the drenched trench filled with fish, spear through the clear and serve up the dish. The canoe rows past the campfires in rows, spilling smoothly, float the hollow tree, fly above the graves so fast and so free, serpent’s tail thrashing flail, dig through the canyons for the grail as the gods weep hail, they all move like a snail as we build up our castles with a shovel and pale. The waves lap into our laps while the leaves leave their saps.

Whip the lash from the royal sash, slice through the dice and melt them like ice, fast goes the walk over the outlines in chalk, kiss the polluted breath as we inhale the music like meth, foggy sight, drive through the mists and hope you’ll make it out alright.

Stirring the quaking atmospheres as the whistles go woo and leaves the sleepers in tears, raze the cities from dust as the rubble oxidizes to rust, lifting the petals from the puddles, the mud smears and muddles yet the message is clear and solid as rock as it dirties your sock.

Justice measured in swords, we pray to the heavens but follow the lords, swivel after the tilted chapter, master the flow of what you know to learn to plant the seed and watch it grow, the ho digs through the figs and throw it to the pigs, milk the pigeon as it flies before it dies, catastrophic trauma leaves the screams calling mama, the angels send letters to convey they’re in fetters, devilish red sweeps over the blunted dead, listening to the bodiless head.

Fogging and leaping, Odysseus defeating the storms while greeks siren their mourns, scorned to the bone yet turning back to reclaim the throne.

The game is set to romp and get wet, toweled away the treasured day glints from the reflection of silvery selection, the rainbow shadows the prairie meadows, feather the beast and begin the sweet feast, of slaughter.


Single speck of dust floating down to the cusp, as I spring into action with a thunderous bust. Volcanic quaking terrestrial shaking as my mind enters flow, nothing seen and nothing to know yet lured by the petals of wilted roses, I water the world with these lyrical hoses. Burning against the mercurial black, wandering down the unknown track I slip and I slide down to you to confide, my ways are laid bare, grab this moment and tear.


Golden locks drifting through the fields and frocks, grainy portrait of sheep beneath the mistletoe, staring at knowledge yet never to know the wonders within. Sparkling solemn I follow the trail aside the rising white column, bowing to the statue of zeus my mind wanders here, tethered yet loose.


Foggy mountains misting beauty in showers and fountains. Spraying down from above as pure as a dove. Winding winds swooping over scales and fins. Crystal clear scent reflecting light that is bent. Soar through the air in circles and spins, rush through the dark and discover the ark. Sitting in gold so old never again to feel cold. Backbreaking pain needles your brain as the warmth sets in and the world grows dim.


Distant gaze, purple energy emitting a humbling haze from the patches of grasses, snippets of memories falling around without a trace of regret or the slightest sound. Beyond the stars lies the secrets untold, slingshot from mars and live like you’ll never get old, miring the simple over crestfallen dimple until the complex arises in the rising wisp, smoke floating gently with the slightest hiss.


Burning fire rising up from mystical pyre, sweeping soot to my feet as wings flap strong to the skies I follow with my eyes but can never see the end of the trail, mysterious like the holy grail I pace around before racing the ground to find the fabled treasure, use my life just to measure the pursuit of the soul, plain and bare no need to wonder as the shadows blanket my roll down the hill so rocky and steep, I crash at your feet, a sense of awe so deep.

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